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What our teachers say

Richard Fedorko

Seasonal Yoga Academy was recommended to me for teacher training by a number of people - and with good reason. The focus on use of seasonal energy is relevant to all of us and I connected with the SYA ethos immediately.

Delivery of course content and the public classes I've attended - comes with real meaning and integrity, evident in each of the instructors even with their very individual specialities, providing a complete resource suitable for the widest range of individual needs. Advice and support comes from the heart, completely sincerely and very abundantly.

Seasonal Yoga is still a relatively new concept but the timing couldn't be more perfect for the world we live in. Check different classes and spot the shared values but differences in personal teaching styles - there's one to suit you! A special place and such special people.

Lynne O'Neill

I just wanted to drop you a wee note and say a HUGE, HUGE thank you for everything SYTT had given me

Some of you may know I’ve been working for a few months at a detox retreat in Malta. As a yoga teacher/wellness coach.

I really didn’t quite realise the amazing tool box of knowledge (asanas, TCM, pranayama), and inspiration I had available to download in

What was at times quite challenging and diverse classes – sometimes 10 classes a week with very differing abilities.

I really feel a more evolved and confident yogi now due to your collective teachings.

Lynne O'Neill

Megan Glasgow Dec 16

The seasonal yoga teacher training has taken me on an inspiring journey both on and off the mat. The course was delivered in a dynamic yet nurturing way reminding us how relevant the teachings of yoga are for modern life, truly life changing.


Claire Bradley Glasgow Dec 16

I really enjoyed my SYTT year.

I have completed a foundation year in yoga that taught me about yoga philosophy so I had a good grounding.

However, this year has really allowed me to grow and develop spiritually, delving deeper into the knowledge and wisdom of Ashtanga ( 8 limbs of Yoga, by patanjali ) and putting theory into practice to make me a happier more relaxed and more compassionate person.

Claire Bradley Glasgow

Jen - Glasgow December 16

I have come from being shy, awkward person who hated the limelight to being able to stand in front of people and deliver it talk, in class, imitation. Yoga has opened my heart, my mind and my hips! I now have a first for knowledge, the desire to continue learning, A LifeGoal.

Relationships have improved, my self esteem, my eating habits too. I have met a fantastic group of people and some wonderful inspirational teachers. I wish you all well and cannot thank you enough for starting me off on my journey.

Jen x