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The main teacher on the course will be Julie Garrioch

Julie is a 500ERYT Seasonal Yoga teacher, aerial yoga teacher and pilates instructor with 20 years experience working in the fitness industry. Julie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others to enhance their wellbeing and now training others to share the love of yoga.

The course will run from September to August at Julie's new studio - Aerial Roots Yoga & Pilates, F4, Elmbank Mill, The Charrier, Menstrie FK11 7BU.

Tel 01786 230352 https://www.aerialrootsstudio.com/

2018 / 2019Stirling September 2018 - August 2019 Course - 200 RYT
HoursSaturday 12.00 - 5.30, Sunday. 08.00 - 16.00
Module 1Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th September, 2018
Module 2Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October
Module 3Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th November
Module 4Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th December
Module 5Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th January, 2019
Module 6Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th February
Module 7Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th March
Module 8Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April
Module 9Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May
Module 10Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June
Module 11Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June
Module 12Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th August
Module 13
Assessment & Graduation
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th August

Hamilton, South Lanarkshire

Hamilton, South Lanarkshire

The course leader is Carla Hillman, 500 ERYT supported by Karen Naismith 500 ERYT & Maureen Thorpe 500 ERYT.

Location: The Prana Yoga Studio 110 Cadzow St, Hamilton, ML3 6HP

The course is over 2 days, Friday and Saturday, all day for 12 modules

Friday 10am-5pm & Saturdays 8.30-5pm

Next course starts August 2019

  • Mod 1 23/24 Aug (4 week break)
  • Mod 2 20/21 Sept (5 week break)
  • Mod 3 25/26 Oct (4 week break)
  • Mod 4 22/23 Nov (3 week break)
  • Mod 5 13/14 Dec (5 week break)
  • Mod 6 17/18 Jan (4 week break)
  • Mod 7 14/15 Feb (3 week break)
  • Mod 8 6/7 Mar (3 week break)
  • Mod 9 27/28 Mar (4 week break)
  • Mod 10 24/25 Apr (4 week break)
  • Mod 11 11/12 May (4 week break)
  • Mod 12 12/13 Jun

I'm Carla Webster, yoga teacher and owner/director of Prana Yoga Studio in Hamilton.

I began my journey into the world of yoga in 1989 when I was 15 years old. Meditation techniques passed down from my mother and group seminars at the local Buddhist centre equipped me with a grounding in how to unite and calm the mind, body and spirit. I then attended various yoga, meditation and massage classes and courses. Alongside my initial, sporadic, yoga journey I attended Glasgow School of Art, then took art into the wider community as Arts Development officer at South Lanarkshire council.

It was not until the after the birth of my second child that I began to reap the full therapeutic benefits of a regular yoga practice. It was this re-awakening that brought me to Chi Yoga School in Glasgow, where I completed my first yoga teacher training in August 2008-July 2009 under the instruction of my inspirational teachers June Mitchell and Julie Hanson. The course gave me the chance to experience the wider world of yoga, studying Ashtanga and Seasonal Yoga practices, historical, philosophical and spiritual aspects combined with a good grounding in anatomy, massage, NLP, Chi Gung, Tai Chi, and nutrition.

After my yoga teaching qualification I decided to go all in as I wanted to share just how much yoga can change your life for the better with as many people as possible!

Fast forward eight years and I have taught many, many yoga classes in schools to kids age 4-18, (plus teachers too!), in community centres, church halls, museums, a race course, a shopping precinct, a football stadium, my living room, in my student’s living rooms and in my bespoke yoga studio in Hamilton town centre.

Prana Yoga Studio was born in August 2013 and is the first dedicated yoga studio in Hamilton. We have gone from strength to strength with 10 regular teachers, and visiting teachers too, all experienced, passionate advocates of the incredible benefits of yoga study. Our community of teachers and students continues to grow year after year, I have to pinch myself at how lucky I am to be in the company of all of these wonderful yogis and yoginis on a daily basis!

My teaching is strongly influenced by my valued and inspiring students, my local teachers including Pamela Young and Julie Hanson and international, world-renowned yoga teachers I have had the honour to study with over the years such as: John Scott, Manju Jois, David Swenson, David Keil, Kathryn Budig, Taylor Harkness, Leslie Kaminoff, Coral Brown, and Indra Mohan. I enjoy a personal daily practice of pranayama and meditation with Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and Restorative Yoga which also heavily influences my teaching style.

Through teaching yoga I endeavour to show people how they can unify their mind, body and spirit using asanas (postures), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. I always aim to teach sensitively and encourage each individual to safely challenge themselves beyond their own expectations. I continue to be fascinated by the therapeutic affects of yoga, and its ability to counter chronic pain, illness, and the stresses of living in our modern-day environments for any- body and any age.

Currently, I teach Vinyasa Flow style yoga classes, workshops and private sessions for all levels, influenced by Ashtanga Vinyasa and Seasonal Yoga and I have been the official yoga teacher for Motherwell FC for the past three years. in 2017 I joined to Seasonal Yoga faculty rolling out their teacher training programme which is now coming into it's third year. I am a fully qualified Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500hrs) accredited by the international governing body of Yoga Alliance, having qualified in 2016 with an additional 300 hours of teacher training with the Seasonal Yoga Academy under the guidance of Marit Akintewe, Sue Woodd and Julie Hanson.

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