teacher training

The main teacher on the course will be Julie Garrioch

Julie is a 500ERYT Seasonal Yoga teacher, aerial yoga teacher and pilates instructor with 20 years experience working in the fitness industry. Julie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others to enhance their wellbeing and now training others to share the love of yoga.

The course will run from September to August at Julie's new studio - Aerial Roots Yoga & Pilates, F4, Elmbank Mill, The Charrier, Menstrie FK11 7BU.

Tel 01786 230352 https://www.aerialrootsstudio.com/

2018 / 2019Stirling September 2018 - August 2019 Course - 200 RYT
HoursSaturday 12.00 - 5.30, Sunday. 08.00 - 16.00
Module 1Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th September, 2018
Module 2Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October
Module 3Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th November
Module 4Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th December
Module 5Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th January, 2019
Module 6Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th February
Module 7Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th March
Module 8Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April
Module 9Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May
Module 10Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June
Module 11Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June
Module 12Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th August
Module 13
Assessment & Graduation
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th August

Wise Ones

Wise Ones

Wise Ones

The Wise Ones Program - Inspired Independence for the Healthy Adult

With Julie Hanson, Sue Woodd

The Wise Ones, the healthy 60-80 year olds, population is increasing and it's the wealthiest and most active generation in history. They have longer in retirement and higher expectations in staying healthy and active. The population of those 65+ in the UK is projected to rise from 10million in 2010 to 17million by 2039 and their spending power is expected to rise from £79bn to £127bn by 2030. This means that this is a growing market that will be seeking exercise forms such as yoga to stay healthy, active and mobile in order to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

This course will explore how to work with this older population. We will work in 3 sections, Young Old, Old, and Old Old, showing appropriate practices for each age group and advice for how to adapt the practices to meet the needs of each group. The training will give you the tools to help you feel confident about teaching this growing population.

As well as the face to face teaching you'll have access to 25 online professional reference videos for you to refer to.

Delivering Inspired Independence for the Healthy Adult

For More Information please see the WiseOnes website - by clicking here


  • Seasonal Yoga Academy, Glasgow: Friday 14th & Saturday 15th June 2019 (10am-5.30pm both days) Book Here

Cost: £195

Testimonials from June 18 course

This is a really significant and unique training that opens up tremendous possibilities to teach yoga to the Wise Ones age groups, as well as incorporate aspects into regular classes. It really does mean that yoga can be for everyone and no age group need feel excluded - Michael Gill

An enjoyable and very thorough course with lots of information covering all the things you'd need to know for teaching yoga to elderly people, from practical to legal. Handouts and website a brilliant bonus so as you don't have to spend time writing notes. - Morag