300 Hours

300 Hours

Seasonal Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training

Do you want to take your Yoga to the next level?

We understand that a 200 hour training is only scratching the surface of what Yoga can bring to your life, and the skills required to be a truly great Yoga teacher. With the 300 hour training we have created the opportunity to explore this amazing system in more detail and deepen your personal practice and teaching skills.

The course includes more detailed analysis of the major asanas, teaching and mentoring roles with the 200 hour training, DAVID KEIL working with injuries, adjustment training, and advanced Seasonal information, including Seasonal Yin Yoga. We focus on a more traditional style of Kundalini Yoga, which includes advanced pranayamas, and kundalini techniques, to help you go deeper into yourself during practice, and experience for yourself the energies of the body and their effects on your consciousness.

We will study the Bhagavad Gita, the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, and a wonderful book list for the year to enliven the Yoga philosophy. You shall also explore your passion in Yoga and develop a niche around it including a plan for how to integrate it into your teaching after the course, and so much more.

The course size is small to ensure personal attention and support, as it is a year of great transformation.

This training is for you if:

  • You are ready to learn more and apply yourself to the study of Yoga.
  • You are already a regular teacher (200RYT) with over 100 hours class teaching experience on application, or, you are extending your training from the Seasonal Yoga 200 hour training.
  • You are teaching an established and constant class or classes.
  • You want to challenge and expand yourself by cultivating a Yoga specialism.
  • You would like to offer your Yoga experience to support the growth of other students on their Yoga journey.
  • You want to learn more about teaching skills and apply them in a nurturing and empowering environment.
  • You want to gain future opportunity to become part of the Seasonal Yoga family.

Timings: The course will be held on a Saturday 7.30am-6pm and Sunday 7am-5pm, one weekend per 4 weeks for 13 modules. This will be the same weekend as the January start Seasonal Yoga 200 hour training. See 'already a yoga teacher' for more details.

Limited places available - Glasgow trainings only.

Glasgow 2018 course 300 RYT

Introductory Day - 14th January

Module 1 - January 28th/29th

Module 2 - February - 24th/25th

Module 3 - March - 17th/18th

Module 4 - April 21st/22nd

Module 5 - May 19th/20th

Module 6 - June 16th/17th

Module 7 - July 14th/15th

Module 8 - August 11th/12th

Module 9 - September 8th/9th

Module 10 - October 6th/7th

Module 11 - November 3rd/4th

Module 12 - December 1st/2nd

Graduation - December 15th/16th

TESTIMONIAL from previous students

The 300 hour seasonal yoga teacher training allows you to take your own personal practice and journey to a new level. It gave me so many more teaching tools and the confidence to change the way I was teaching. It was a challenging yet rewarding year spent with amazing people.

Penelope Stewart

By continuing my yoga journey with the 300 hour course I was privileged to learn from, and with, an amazing group of people. As a teacher I increased my understanding of alignment, adjustments and energy, and as a student I was introduced to new concepts and ideas that help me to grow as a person and are still helping me now.

Lorraine Clissold

The course was wonderful, getting into the depth of Yoga, in a relaxing way, life changing with the help of great teachers.

Glen Mcghee

As I journeyed through the 300 hr course, I knew it would be well crafted and expertly delivered, as I had experienced the team with the 200hrs. On this course however you really shift up a gear and discover in depth the physical practice, adjustments, breath work and the mind. My confidence and tenacity to give things ago flourished, and I now regularly lead workshops and mini retreats, which prior to the course had been an aspiration. My personal practice has taken on a whole new meaning of enquiry. It’s a big undertaking, but well worth it, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Jane Blundell