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Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training courses go far beyond the standard requirements for an accredited teacher training course. In drawing upon decades of experience, plus careful planning of the course structure and its materials, we aspire to create a learning environment which is fun, effective, diverse, and supportive. Our courses are for those who wish to teach Yoga, or those who would like to go deeper on their Yoga journey – for everyone it will be a year of personal evolution.

We offer 2 levels of Teacher Training (200 & 300) as well as Seasonal Yoga conversion courses and various advanced trainings for your continuing personal development.


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Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training courses

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All our teacher training Anatomy content is provided by the internationally well known Anatomy Teacher David Keil. We have a long standing friendship with David that goes back many years to when David was first starting to teach outside of America and we’re delighted to maintain that relationship with him to this day and to be able to give our teacher training students the benefits of the Anatomy and Physiology that this great teacher has. Not only does he know his topic inside out but he’s uniquely able to put across the most complex of Anatomy features in the simplest of terms. A very highly rated teacher and one whose teaching we’re delighted to offer our students.
David Keil YogAnatomy Course

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