GREAT NEWS ..Stirling Yoga Teacher training – STARTS mid Sept 24 see dates below 

About your teachers .. 


Nicloa Park (500 ERT) who is the course leader in sterling assisted by Andriani Marka.

About Nicola: I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicola for many years, she came to the Chi Yoga Centre in Glasgow to do her training in 2005, since then she has been developing her skills as an excellent Yoga Teacher, Advanced yoga Teacher and most importantly Mother , wife and business woman. Nicola teachers from the heart with her practical skills for living a contented and peaceful life at the forefront of who she is, while juggling a full-time job along with giving the most important thing in her life, her family, the attention they deserve. She has recently decided to stop her full time job to focus on sharing  the skills  she has spent almost 20 years fine tuning into being amazing Yoga Teacher and therefore the best person to teach you. Nicola has been part of the Stirling teacher training team for several years now and is very happy to continue spreading seasonal yoga message,  which personally, I am very happy about!

Julie Hanson Director Seasonal Yoga

About Andriani: Coming from an initially medical background as a GP & Lifestyle Medicine Dr, I am passionate about how everyday lifestyle choices can impact our well-being. Seasonal Yoga studies, teacher training and regular practice have complemented my set of skills further bringing a deeper sense of self awareness, working with mindfulness and with the idea that body and mind are not separate entities. I put my whole heart and knowledge into my teaching, and I love supporting people to improve and maintain their physical and mental health based on holistic approaches. Additionally, I love studying and going deep in the Yoga philosophy, constantly looking for further training opportunities so I hope I can bring all this into this Teacher Training with Nicola.

Remaining dates for 23/ 24 course

Module 820-21 Apr 24
Module 918-19 May 24
Module 1022-23 Jun 24
Module 1127-28 Jul 24
Module 12
17-18 Aug 24
24/25 Dates 
Mod 1 
14-15th Sept 2024 
Mod 2 
12-13 Oct
Mod 3 
16-17 Nov
Mod 4 
14-15 Dec
Mod 5 
11-12 Jan 2025
Mod 6 
15-16 Feb
Mod 7
15-16 Mar 
Mod 8 
12-13 April
Mod 9
10-11 May
Mod 10
14-15 June
Mod 11
12-13 July 
Mod 12
16-17 Aug 


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