Re Do Your training 


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We have been training teachers for many years and we’re noticing that so many of our lovely teachers want to come back, revisit and redo their training because it has changed so much over the years. To re-do your training means re looking at your life going on the wonderful Seasonal journey again back with your seasonal family for support & Evolution. You Will also bring your evolution into the interactive nature and chats that makes up so much of the course in it’s evolved state. Studies in the many aspects of health is part of our training now, mental fitness, physical fitness, social fitness, spiritual fitness, emotional fitness, vocational, and financial fitness are all part of the content of our journey now.

Become a seasonal coach legitimately because you already are one. 

Places on a 200 hour course are limited to 3 per venue for qualified seasonal yoga teachers. 

We welcome you with open arms to any of our training locations. Please get in touch if you’d like more information about what has changed and pricing. 

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If you would like more information you can download our PDF brochure here, or to begin the enquiry process, please complete the form below, and we will be in touch with you very soon.

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