Our Glasgow 200hr course is led by the Seasonal Yoga Director Julie Hanson, with course director Claire Davidson. Marit Akintewe and Sue Woodd are also teachers on the course.

The courses runs from January to December each year with 12 modules plus a graduation. The course delivers a wealth of knowledge from month to month combining over 20 years of teacher training experience with other expert and specialist visiting teachers including Karen Scobie.

Testimonial from this years teacher training – which was online from March 20:

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I continue my personal development with them – Sam, April 19th, 2020

Amazing teachers, fantastic training, so much information! – Emma, February, 2020

The Seasonal Yoga Training program is the most inspiring, educational and incredible course I have been on.   It is full of information and support and I am very grateful to have been on such an incredible journey with the Seasonal Yoga Team – Rachel, December, 2020

Dates for Glasgow 2021

Friday 6pm-9.30pm & Saturday 8am-5pm – Live online Hours

Module 10 Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd October
Module 11 Friday 29th & Saturday 30th October
Module 12 Friday 26th & Saturday 27th November
Module 13 Graduation Friday 10th & Saturday 11th December

Dates for Glasgow 2022 – 2023

Friday 6pm-9.30pm & Saturday 8am-5pm – Live online Hours

Module 1 Friday 25th & Saturday 26th March 2022
Module 2 Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd April
Module 3 Friday 20th & Saturday 21st May
Module 4 Friday 17th & Saturday 18th June
Module 5 Friday 15th & Saturday 16th July
Module 6 Friday 12th & Saturday 13th August
Module 7 Friday 9th & Saturday 10th September
Module 8 Friday 7th & Saturday 8th October
Module 9 Friday 4th & Saturday 5th November
Module 10 Friday 25th & Saturday 26th November
Module 11 Friday 16th & Saturday 17th December
Module 12 Friday 13th & Saturday 14th January, 2023
Module 13 Graduation Friday 27th & Saturday 28th January

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