Taking applications for late Summer 2023 – September 9 / 10th September 2023 – see dates below 

Course taught by lead trainer Emma.

“Emma is a seasonal yoga teacher, teaching residents of The Cotswolds and corporately in London. Emma believes that living as seasonal as possible is one of the key factors to mental and physical well-being and is thrilled to be bringing Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training to The Cotswolds. Whether you would like to teach or would benefit from a year long journey enhancing your personal practice, this course will enhance your mind, body and soul.”

Emma’s web site

Dates Feb – Dec 2024 

Saturday & Sunday 

Mod 1 

Sept 9/10 2023

Mod 2  

Oct 14/15

Mod 3 

Nov 11/12

Mod 4

Dec 9/10

Mod  5    2024

Jan 13/14 2024

Mod 6 

Feb 10/11

Mod 7

March 9/10

Mod 8 

April 13/14

Mod 9

May 11/12

Mod 10 

June 8/9

Mod 11 

July 6/7

Mod 12 

Aug 10/11  Assessments and graduation


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