Prof Lon Kilgore

Prof. Lon Kilgore

Lon Kilgore earned a Ph.D. from the Department of Anatomy and Physiology at Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. He has competed in weightlifting to the national level since 1972 and coached his first athletes from a garage gym to national-championship event medals in 1974. He has also competed in powerlifting, the first CrossFit Total event, wrestling and rowing. He has worked in the trenches, as a qualified national level coach working with beginners through the Olympic elite, as an NCAA strength coach, a scientific consultant, and as a consultant to fitness businesses. He was co-developer of the Basic Barbell Training and Exercise Science specialty seminars for CrossFit (mid-2000s) and was an all-level certifying instructor for USA Weightlifting for more than a decade. He is a decorated military veteran (sergeant, U.S. Army). His illustration, authorship and co-authorship efforts include several best-selling books and works in numerous research journals. After a 20-year professorial career in higher academia, he currently delivers vocational-education courses through the Kilgore Academy, provides online commentary and analysis of exercise-science papers, and works as a writer and illustrator.


“Lon has been a national-level lifter since he was 12. He has forgotten more about weightlifting than most people will ever have a chance to learn. He is also a talented artist, a skilled politician, an intelligent, methodical investigator, and a thorough planner. He is responsible for all of the good ideas we’ve had over the past several years, including Starting Strength, and he likes Guinness.” – Mark Rippetoe

“Lon Kilgore, Mark Rippetoe and Tommy Suggs are the three I learned the most from, and continue to learn from. As far as the best single piece of advice, Lon Kilgore relayed something to me that Lyn Jones said once, that the single most important thing was to have a plan and believe in it, this is much more important than what the plan actually is.” – Glenn Pendlay

“Lon and Mark were way ahead of their time.” – Bret Contreras

“Lon is a great man.” – Mike Burgener (I am really humbled that Mike wrote this)

“I think that every CrossFitter should at least occasionally glance at the journal. That’s how I get to learn from the rock stars of CrossFit. Kelly Starrett, Greg Amundson, and Lon Kilgore are inspirations.” – Sean McBride

“He is an excellent writer. From his choice of subject matter to his ability to communicate scientific ideas to the lay person (me) I believe he is one of the Journal’s most prized assets.” – Andrew Swartz

“Dr. Kilgore is one of the best in my opinion. Of course, being a Kansas State University A&P graduate doesn’t hurt, but he has a tremendous gift for breaking down the complex principles of kinesiology and anatomy & physiology into digestible pieces.” – Mike Hays

“The fact that he is asking questions makes him an great fitness writer in my book” – Chris Beardsley


Professor Kilgore currently writes and illustrates magazine articles, fitness instructional documents, books, and online courses for use as fitness industry continuing eduation and for further and higher education.