GDPR Requests

GDPR Data Subject Access Requests

Available Data Requests

  • Right to Access / Delete
  • Right Withdraw Consent
  • Right to Rectification / Data Completion
  • Right to be Forgotten
  • Right to Restriction
  • Right to Object – Please also so the Supervisory Authority in the UK (opens in new tab)

GDPR grants you the above rights and you can use the form below to request one of these from us.

Please select the required action from the drop down menu, then provide us with your email address so we can carry out the request on the right records (where we have them). In the case of a rectification/data completion request also provide your updates on the section provide (this will be ignored for all other requests).

If you are asking for a restriction to be removed you assume all legal responsibilities of requesting this

Please use the email that you used when first contacting us. If you use a different email address it may be impossible for us to locate your records and send any information we have about you

For more information please see out Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice

GDPR Request

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