Wise Ones

Wise Ones


9.30am – 5pm

with `additional assessment check in date on Friday 19th Nov 6.30-8.30pm

With Sue Woodd & Julie Hanson

£125 – 15 credits /CPD’s

The Wise Ones Program – Inspired Independence for the Healthy Adult

With Julie Hanson, Sue Woodd

Learn the Body Clock Flow Suitable for all!

The Wise Ones, the healthy 60-80 year olds, population is increasing and it’s the wealthiest and most active generation in history. They have longer in retirement and higher expectations in staying healthy and active. The population of those 65+ in the UK is projected to rise from 10million in 2010 to 17million by 2039 and their spending power is expected to rise from £79bn to £127bn by 2030. This means that this is a growing market that will be seeking exercise forms such as yoga to stay healthy, active and mobile in order to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

This course will explore how to work with this older population. We will work in 3 sections, Young Old, Old, and Old Old, showing appropriate practices for each age group and advice for how to adapt the practices to meet the needs of each group. The training will give you the tools to help you feel confident about teaching this growing population.

We need to mention here that is not Yoga, this course is designed to learn a non floor access to movement using the ancient tried and tested practices of Chi Gung, we do talk about Yoga for the young old age group but the training is mostly teaching you the skills to run a Body Clock Flow. safe and accessible class for the Wise ones !

As well as the face to face teaching you’ll have access to 25 online professional reference videos for you to refer to.

Delivering Inspired Independence for the Healthy Adult

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Live online Training

Saturday 23rd October 2021 9.30am – 5pm

Assessment – Friday 19th November 21 6.30 – 8.30pm


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Cost: £125 –

Course fee includes free access to full wise ones online education website including the on line teacher training program with additional meridian individual flows.


Testimonial from June 19 course I personally loved the course and it will greatly benefit people with weight issues and mobility issues in my community. Julie and Sue are really relatable and down to earth and have many years of knowledge. It kind of helps that they and I are ladies who are of a certain age and show a real depth of understanding to problems that come up as we age. This course is for every body (pun intended) as it’s a great addition to the toolbox of yoga teachers but it also allows the teacher to give their bodies a break from power/ hot/vinyasa flow classes. Would highly recommend. Cheryl ( Ageing Seasonal Yoga Teacher)


I would recommend anyone interested in supporting members of our ageing population to maintain wellbeing and dignity to take this course without delay. For those seeking ways to maintain independence longer into old age and enjoy a better quality of life in the meantime, Wise Ones offers many ways to regain and retain some control in life. It’s wonderful, see for yourself. R Fedorko.

The wise ones is a fabulous concept and is very much needed in our society these days. I found the course informative and interesting and I cant wait to get started teaching some classes in my local community. The balance of theory and practical was well thought out and the trainers were both excellent in their delivery. I’d highly recommend the course to anyone considering doing it. Thanks for a wonderful weekend Julie and Sue, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Claire O’Brien xx

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