Seasonal Yin

Seasonal Yin – North in person or online

ourses created by Marit Akintewe, Sue Woodd & Jane Blundell

Welcome to Seasonal Yin, one of our most popular training courses, we offer deep learning and also rest within the wonderful Yin practices. Many teachers come to this day to be inspired for their seasonal classes, and others for a deeper knowledge of their body and the season, or to learn how to bring yin practices to their classes. Whatever the reason, we hope you enjoy it.

We run 2 courses of yin training, both have 6 full day workshops, one each season (6 in total over a year) exploring Seasonal Yin Yoga and mouch more.

Yin is a wonderful practice, where time is spent in postures in a supported way (often using props), to allow the student to relax their muscles and move deeper into their structure. It can be challenging as we untie knots within the body and approach resistance from the mind, however, the stillness within the practice often leaves participants feeling significantly more relaxed and calm. A great antidote to life’s stresses and partner to more dynamic forms of yoga practice or exercise.

 “Really feels like the highlight of my month, especially this month where things have all felt very difficult.” Jess 2021

Within the Seasonal Yin training we shall go into your understanding of the impact of the energy of the season.

In course 1 – Traditional Meridians and Muscles of the Season – we particularly explore the muscles related to the season and focus on the exact location of the main meridians, taking time to experience the important energetic points, emotions of the season, and how to activate them during your practice. We integrate the mind set into the practice to allow the more subtle effects of the season to come to life within the sessions. There is also the introduction of some classical yogic techniques to complement each season too, for example laya yoga (working with mantras), mudras, pranayama, and more. The postures chosen each season target the relevant muscles. This course is available as a fully online course here, or live at the below dates and locations.

In course 2 – Meridian Extensions and Energy Focus – we focus on experiencing the energy within our body through the practice. We incorporate hands on body work and qi gong to open your body and connect you to your more subtle structures. We work with more depth in the 5 elements system, the body clock, the zen shiatsu extension lines, and will be putting hands on to experience the meridians more directly. We shall also introduce how to work with chakras and building their states of consciousness in this yin setting.

You do not need to have done course 1 to do course 2, they have different content and both are designed as stand alone courses which would also complement each other.

In both courses we take time to go through the classical yin postures, and variations, taking just a few each season and breaking down adaptations, and intentions behind each one. We use extensive props and supports to allow us to target your bodies yin tissues (ligaments, tendons, joints, etc), and although we hope you will leave feeling a wonderful mixture of invigoration, deep stretch and relaxation, the practice can be challenging.

There are several hours of yin practice in each day together.

A popular course which can be experienced for yourself and your practice, or as a teacher to bring in more ideas and techniques into your classes. These courses can both be used for credits towards your advanced 300 hour Seasonal Yoga Teacher Qualification, if you wish to use them as credits towards this accreditation, you must be with us live in person, or online with camera on and interacting with the course.

To book on, please click on the link below.

All of our seasonal yin trainings are available as a recording with extensive notes as an alternative for those not able to make the date.

Course 1 Traditional Meridian and Muscles Focus 

Taught by Marit Akintewe and Jen Figures – for more information contact Marit here

£500 for all 6 modules for in person training (can be done module by module if course is not full or you do live online for £95 per module day). There are 2 in person courses running in 2024, Sundays in Edinburgh city center, and Tuesdays in Dalmahoy.

SUNDAYS 2024 – In person (Edinburgh Gathering Essence) – COURSE FULL IN PERSON – waiting list available

1pm – 8.30pm

  • Winter: 21st January 2024
  • Spring: 17th March 2024
  • Early Summer: 12th May 2024
  • Summer: 9th June 2024
  • Late Summer: 25th August 2024
  • Autumn: 27th October 2024

TUESDAYS 2024 – In person (Dalmahoy EH27 8EB with live stream available) – STILL SPACES and live online

9.30 – 5.00pm

    • Spring: 6th February 2024
    • Early Summer: 23rd April 2024
    • Summer: 18th June 2024
    • Late Summer: 20th August 2024
    • Autumn:  24th September 2024
    • Winter: 19th November 2024

Course 2 Meridian Extensions and Energy Focus TRAINING DAYS  – 10 – 5.30pm

Block Booking £500 required (flexible payment plans available) the course runs from water to metal, recordings available for missed dates.  

2025 – In person (Edinburgh Gathering Essence and live stream) Taught by Marit Akintewe and Jane Blundell for more information contact Marit here

  • Water – 19th January 2025     
  • Wood – 9th March 2025       
  • Fire – 8th June 2025
  • Earth – 17th August 2025
  • Metal – 19th October 2025
  • Course Consolidation and Completion – 16th November 2025

(dates given closer to the time)

If you would like to book on, or have any questions, for more information contact Marit directly and she will be in touch.

Seasonal Yin – South in person or online

With Sue Woodd & Tamara Melvin 

Sundays 9.30 am – 4.30 pm at the Durham House Studio Farnham

or on Zoom

For information or booking contact Sue Woodd 

Course 1 – Traditional Meridians and muscles of the season 

Dates for 2023

Module: Spring Sunday March 19

Module: Early Summer Sunday May 14 (Quintettes Barn Churt)

Module: Summer Sunday July 9

Module: Late Summer Sunday September 3

Module: Autumn Sunday October 8

Module: Winter Sunday November 19


£95 per module or £495 for all 6 modules, these will continue to run into the future and so you are welcome to buy a block and attend the module you have to miss when you can in order to get the certificate after attending the 6 days adding 50 hours YCEP to Yoga Alliance.

Each day we all need to recharge our spiritual battery, otherwise the light of our consciousness becomes dim, thoughts become fuzzy, and decisions are impregnated with doubt. Power is available inside and outside. Inside us we have a spiritual centre, at the core of our consciousness. Take time to empower yourself and connect your mind to the source and allow yourself to recharge and renew.


A full day workshop each season exploring Yin Yoga. The day includes a discussion of the seasonal influences for that time of year, and in depth advanced seasonal information. The anatomy of the organs and muscle associations of the season, focusing on the yin postures of the season and their anatomy in detail, including the use of meridians, and pressure points. We then have a yin practice before lunch applying our learning. We will be exploring the adjustments necessary for each posture and also the mental and emotional influences which can be positively strengthen by mindfully moving the body, whilst at the same time enhancing the flow of energy to the organs.

We shall also be looking into the Taoist philosophy behind the practice. Each day will end with another yin practice, bringing together all ideas of the day. This is a great course to advance your seasonal learnings and we have allowed time between each of the days to in-bed the practice.