Seasonal Yin

Seasonal Yin

Courses created by Marit Akintewe, Sue Woodd & Jane Blundell

 Welcome to Seasonal Yin, one of our most popular training courses, we offer a day of deep learning and also rest within the wonderful Yin practices. Many teachers come to this day to be inspired for their seasonal classes, and others for a deeper knowledge of their body and the season, or to learn how to bring yin practices to you classes. Whatever the reason, we hope you enjoy it.

We run 2 levels of yin training, both levels have 6 full day workshops, one each season (6 in total over a year) exploring Seasonal Yin Yoga.

Yin is a wonderful practice, where time is spent in postures in a supported way (often using props), to allow the student to relax their muscles and move deeper into their structure. It can be challenging as we untie knots within the body and approach resistance from the mind, however, the stillness within the practice often leaves participants feeling significantly more relaxed and calm. A great antidote to life’s stresses and partner to more dynamic forms of yoga practice or exercise.


 “Really feels like the highlight of my month, especially this month where things have all felt very difficult.” Jess 2021

Within the Seasonal Yoga Yin training we shall go into your understanding of the impact of the energy of the season. In level 1, we particularly explore the muscles related to the season and focus on the exact location of the main meridians, taking time to experience the important energetic points, emotions of the season, and how to activate them during your practice. We integrate the mind set into the practice to allow the more subtle effects of the season to come to life within the sessions. There is also the introduction of some classical yogic techniques to complement each season too, for example laya yoga (working with mantras), mudras, pranayama, and more.

In level 2, we work with more depth in the 5 elements system, plus the zen shiatsu extension lines and going deeper into the body systems. We shall focus on key practice acupressure points, solidifying your ability to apply these points to your classes and your daily life. We shall also introduce how to work with chakras in this yin setting, and the body clock.

We take time to go through the classical yin postures, taking just a few each season and breaking down variations, and intentions behind each one. We use extensive props and supports to allow us to target your bodies yin tissues (ligaments, tendons, joints, etc), and although we hope you will leave feeling a wonderful mixture of invigoration, deep stretch and relaxation, the practice can be challenging.

There are several hours of yin practice in our day together.

A popular course which can be experienced for yourself and your practice, or as a teacher to bring in more ideas and techniques into your classes. These courses can also be used for credits towards your advanced 300 hour Seasonal Yoga Teacher Qualification, if you wish to use them as credits towards this accreditation, you must be with us live online with camera on and interacting with the course. 

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All of our seasonal yin trainings are live online, and available as a recording with extensive notes as an alternative for those not able to make the date. (Some dates are also available with Sue Woodd and Tamara Melvin in London, please contact Sue Woodd for more details.)

Live – Stream Training days (taught by Marit Akintewe and Jane Blundell) 

LEVEL 1 TRAINING DAYS – 10am – 5.30pm

  • Spring: Sunday 6th March 2022
  • Early Summer: 15th May 2022
  • Summer: 12th June 2022
  • Late Summer: 21st August 2022
  • Autumn: 9th October 2022
  • Winter: 4th December 2022


LEVEL 2 TRAINING DAYS – 10 – 5.30pm

  • Body Clock Yin Day: Sunday 20th March 2022
  • Metal (Autumn): Sunday 6th November 2022
  • Water, Wood, Fire, Earth all taking place in 2023, dates to follow


We shall be continuing after these dates with the program and more dates shall be posted closer to the time.

£95 per module, £500 for all 6 modules, will continue to run into the future and you are welcome to attend the module when you can.

If you choose to block book for the course and receive the discount, then please attend only at the location you have booked with.


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