Find Your Niche- The Biz of Yoga

Julie Hanson

Find your Niche – The Biz of Yoga – Julie Hanson

My real passion within our advanced program is helping our yoga teachers understand they have a business, that they are all unique and can be more profitable as a Yoga Teacher.

Finding the niche in each of you that gives you the unique selling point (USP) to help you to be able to succeed in business. Searching for your values and locating your true passion are key to discovering the path to commercial success.

The study plan (20 hours) is 10 hours online over 2 separate days and 10 hours home study, reading and preparation.  


Personal Business evolution Content to include the below

  • Setting your true intention
  • Find your true gift
  • Your niche
  • Six human needs
  • Who are you in Business
  • Business Planning

The price is £ 195

Each module will start in March 2022 – Spring the season of new beginnings!  Dates will be published very soon.

Mentoring with Julie


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