Breath Courses

Seasonal Yoga director, Marit Akintewe, offers 4 courses on the breath. 

Course 1, covers the physiology of the breath.

  • 6 lectures on anatomy and physiology of the breath 
  • 57 page downloadable support manual with notes on lectures and breath practices
  • 6 breathing techniques fully explained and practiced 
  • 18 practice videos, with many long breath practices to solidify learning 
  • understand the muscles related to breathing
  •  The importance of breathing through your nose and signals for mouth breathing
  • How to connect the breath to the nervous system – using the breath to relax or energise
  • See if you are an over-breather and the issues with over-breathing
  • Why we breath hold, the benefits and how to do it safely
  • What is an efficient and healthy breath

This course is for anyone looking to understand breathing in more detail, from Yoga teachers to sports people to those just interested in knowing more about their breathing habits.

12 modules – 6 week progam – fully online – to start please go to

£75 (£20 for Seasonal Yoga Teachers)


Breath Course 2, covers the subtle body of the breath

  • 3 lectures on the bandhas of the body – Mula, Uddiyana and Jalandhara Bandha
  • Lectures on the subtle structure of the body – chakras, tattvas, 5 bodies
  • Breathing practices to cultivate the energies of the 7 chakras
  • Connecting the breath and breathing practices to the state of consciouness 
  • Using the breath to prepare for concentration and meditation
  • 20 practice videos to support your understanding 
  • Yoga asana and pranayama sessions for each energetic level to give experience and practical application to the techniques and ideas for bringing the practices into a Yoga class
  • Supported with a downloadable support manual with notes on all breathing techniques and the chakras

This course is for those wishing to take the breath beyond the physical into the subtle aspects of working with energy and mind. Course 1 is highly recommended as a pre-requisit as the information in is shall be assumed knowledge. 

12 modules – fully online – to start please go to

£75 (£20 for Seasonal Yoga Teachers)


Course 1 and 2 are included in some of the 200 hour seasonal courses (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Online, Cotswalds) and are required to complete the 300 hour certificate. 

Breath Course 3  – Kundalini

The Breath Level 3 course takes our working with our breath out of the realms of techniques which are for everyone, into those which are more specialised and for practitioners with more experience and limited contraindications.

We shall be together for 3 days over a weekend, in a small group. 

The techniques will work with longer retentions, extensive use of bandhas and the introduction of kundalini mudras. These techniques are very efficient at moving prana within the body and shifting consciousness. When used before meditation they can bring a focus and expansiveness to the mind which is very helpful to bring stillness and depth to our sitting.

The techniques can be used in combination with asana to create a practice which supports understanding of the cakras and energy and bring vibrancy and health to our bodies.

Please contact us to be put on the waiting list or to ask to be contacted when the course dates become available.

Completion of Breath Level 1 and 2 are required before starting this course.

Breath Coach – Course 4

The breath coach course will be a combination of online and in person training.

Building upon our learning from Breath Courses 1 and 2, we shall be looking at supporting others on their breath journey. On this course we shall look at how to teach breath work, both in the class setting and in the one to one coaching setting. We shall consider areas of specific needs, for example over breathing difficulties like asthma, and stress, and how we would recommend supporting those with these needs.

If you wish to be on our information list for this course, please contact us.

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