Seasonal Yang

Seasonal Yang

Access to Seasonal Advanced Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training

On the Seasonal Yang Course, we will guide you through six seasonal modules to help you refresh your practice, tune into your energetic body and develop a more advanced understanding of Seasonal Yoga. 

You will:

  • Learn new flows – Body Clock Yoga flow 
  • Deepen your understanding of TCM, Qi-gong and the energetic body
  • Gain 60 hours CPD or credits towards a 300h TT
  • Learn Feldnkrais syle floor based Body Clock Flow

This course is designed to help existing Seasonal Yoga teachers advance their study of Seasonal Yoga, with new flows, posture workshops, lectures, energy work, study groups and personal evolution projects to help teachers feel inspired, expand their teaching repertoire and gain a deeper understanding of their own energy each season.

The Seasonal Yang Course includes:

  • Seasonal Yoga flows
  • Free Access to website  
  • Body Clock Yoga Flow
  • Guided Qigong classes
  • Introductions to new flows and posture workshops
  • Feldenkrais / Floor based Feldenkrais style Body Clock flow 
  • Body Clock Flow 
  • ‘Season within a Season’ study
  • Seasonal Yoga Nidra Scripts
  • Free printed manual to students who book full year.

Course Structure

  • 6 x 6 hour study days, taught in season over the course of a year
  • In person tuition in Glasgow and option to join live online via Zoom
  • Supported home study and personal development practices for each season
  • Option to attend days separately or together as a full 60 hour course
  • Full online back up for reference and study

The course is comprised of six modules, taught over the course of a year so you can tune into the changing energy of the season and build a more in depth understanding and experience of Seasonal Yoga.

The trainings will take place in person in Glasgow with the option to join the course live online via Zoom. You can take modules separately, or combine with 24 hours of guided home study and personal development practices to receive the full course qualification, certificate and 60hrs CPD, that can be put towards a 300hr TT qualification. If you miss a module, you can take it another year to complete your training and receive your qualification.

Course Content

The course will be taught in person by Julie Hanson with Qigong and TCM inspired workshops from Sue Wood each module, taught via live video link.

Each 6 hour, seasonal module includes:

  • In Season Yoga and Qigong classes to help you reset with the energy of the season
  • New posture workshops including Bo and Shu points to help establish a deeper understanding of the energetic body
  • Feldenkrais flows
  • Body Clock Flow
  • Seasonal Yoga Nidra
  • Lectures and group discussions
  • Break out groups to help you talk through and practice what you have learnt

Home study between modules includes:

  • 3 hours of guided home practice per season
  • 1 hour practicum (teaching practice) per season
  • 21 day challenges and personal evolution tasks
  • Journalling prompts
  • Study buddy system
  • Pre-recorded online classes and workshops

You will also receive a free PDF course manual each module to help you revise and remember what you have learnt. 


£95 per seasonal module

or  £500 for full 6 module course

Full printed course manual (worth £20 ) FREE when you pre-book the full course for £500

COURSE DATES – In person / online – venue to be confirmed 

Saturday 11am – 5pm 

Winter Water element  7th January 2023 

Spring Wood element March 11th 2023 

Early Summer Space element 6th May 23
Summer Fire element 17th June 23 
Late summer Earth element 12th August 
Autumn Metal element 7th October
Winter Water element –   6th Jan 2024


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