Teacher Training Scholarships

Teacher Training Scholarships

Scholarship program Seasonal Yoga

The scholarship program is part of Seasonal Yoga’s initiative to bring Yoga teachings to those who would not normally have access to them and also to support the local community through the act of Seva (selfless service).

We offer subsidised scholarship places to those who cannot afford the full course price, and would not be able to attend without the support of the scholarship. In addition, we would like the recipient to give back to their local community once the qualification has been gained, through their teaching and sharing of their skills and passion. We ask that the recipient commits to support our community outreach program in a way which is suitable for you.

Within those parameters, the scholarship is available to anybody who has the aspiration to teach Yoga and go deeper on their Yoga journey.

How do you apply?

Contact our admissions team apply@seasonalyoga.com and let them know which course you are interested in and that you would like to apply for the scholarship and you will receive our special scholarship application form to complete and return.

The deadline for applications is 1 month (unless stated) before the course begins and the successful applicant shall be announced within 5 working days of that date. If you are unsuccessful, you are welcome to apply to the following year. There is also a chance that additional scholarships may be granted if it is considered possible, however this is very much at the discretion of the course admissions and SYCOP team. There is ONE guaranteed scholarship for each course mentioned.

What is the application process?

Once we have received your completed scholarship application form we shall review it and the community outreach team shall allocate the scholarship using the criteria of:

1 – Inability to afford the course,

2 – Intentions for teaching once the qualification has been gained,

3 – Any other information that is relevant.

You may be invited to discuss your application with one of the SYCOP team if we would like to clarify any aspect of the application.

We shall then inform you if you have been successful or not and what options are available if you have not been granted the scholarship this time.

You may apply again in future as many times as you wish if unsuccessful.

Which courses can you apply for?

All of our 200 hour courses.  Do note that we only offer one scholarship place per course per year.

What Does the Scholarship Entitle You to?

The scholarship is a 50% discount on ALL payments, including the deposit.

200 hour course – a deposit of £200 (instead of £400) and 11 payments of £117.50 (instead of £235) and 1 payment of £50 for final assessment module (instead of £100).