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The main teacher on the course will be Julie Garrioch

Julie is a 500ERYT Seasonal Yoga teacher, aerial yoga teacher and pilates instructor with 20 years experience working in the fitness industry. Julie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others to enhance their wellbeing and now training others to share the love of yoga.

The course will run from September to August at Julie's new studio - Aerial Roots Yoga & Pilates, F4, Elmbank Mill, The Charrier, Menstrie FK11 7BU.

Tel 01786 230352 https://www.aerialrootsstudio.com/

2018 / 2019Stirling September 2018 - August 2019 Course - 200 RYT
HoursSaturday 12.00 - 5.30, Sunday. 08.00 - 16.00
Module 1Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th September, 2018
Module 2Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October
Module 3Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th November
Module 4Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th December
Module 5Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th January, 2019
Module 6Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th February
Module 7Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th March
Module 8Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April
Module 9Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May
Module 10Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June
Module 11Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June
Module 12Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th August
Module 13
Assessment & Graduation
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th August

The seven best ways you could talk yourself out of a teacher training course !!!

The seven best ways you could talk yourself out of a teacher training course !!!

10 Dec 2016

The thinking process of will I … won’t I… happens to everyone trying to make the decision to embark on a teacher training course.

Running it past the logical left brain which will give you old belief and learned logistical patterns (often negative) and then running it past the right brain the creative one - who thinks how can I creatively make this happen in my life ?(usually positive) so it's looking at something from two sides. Engaging the thinking mind and then going beyond the thinking mind to the realms of infinite possibilities can lead you to a life changing decision.

Seven negative beliefs that can stop you making that jump !

1. I am not good enough

internal dialogue

Everybody will be so much better than me and so much more experienced,

course director

A good course should cater for all and make you feel reassured at interview process. Often those with the least experience turn out to be the best and most passionate teachers.

2. I can't do difficult postures

Internal dialogue

I'm frightened to be embarrassed or put in a position that my body finds too difficult and maybe hurt myself.

Course director

Yoga is for all, all shapes sizes and abilities - which means teachers should be all shapes sizes and abilities, as they inspire and attract others most like themselves.

3. My life is too busy to add anything extra onto it !

internal dialogue

i cant possibly spin any more plates, do homework and read because i am all already stressed as it is !

Course director

Isn't that just why you should do the course ? Everyone is busy, a good course will give you the space and time for yourself that you most crave,

and re-charge your energy so its a win/win for everyone, partner/ kids and you !

4. People around me won't approve ..

Internal dialogue

They will think I'm turning weird.

Course director

So what ?

They will be the first at ask you to teach them - step out of your comfort zone feel the fear and achieve the goal !

5. What happens I miss a weekend or some family event happens and I can't attend.

internal dialogue

after the time and financial investment i wont get a qualification.

Course director

We always have to deal with this on any course, there are always solutions to you finishing your required hours, stuff happens !

6. I can't afford it.

you can't afford not to !

Course director

Most good courses offer payment options and there are more funding options appearing all the time.

7. It's not worth the investment.

internal dialogue

Its only a dream- i can never really afford to do it !

Course director

How much are you willing to spend to have time developing and working on your personal, physical, mental and emotional health and a feeling of well-being. The change first happens with you, and then change happens in the world around you

To sum up getting rid of old belief patterns that keep us stuck - is the way forward to a new future . Turn the negative thoughts into positive actions ... And the world is your oyster, ( or, the world is your Kurmasana, in sanskrit) !

Julie Hanson, Sue Woodd

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